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Consultation is one of the many services that mental health professionals can provide. It is the art of applying psychological principles in order to help organizations meet their goals. A consultant is a person with special knowledge, skills, and expertise in an area. There are various settings in which consultation can take place, such as community agencies, educational institutions, legal systems, health care systems, organizations, government, and private practice.


Many organizations may have needs that are not or cannot be met via their current staff, e.g., administration, teachers, school counselors, social workers. When children are exhibiting challenging behaviors, they are often referred to a counselor for individual or family therapy. Although individual therapy can create effective and lasting change within and individual or a family system, through consultation, many more can be helped compared to working with only individuals.

Services Offered:
  1. Educational Consultation:  regarding training teachers/ staff in understanding, recognizing, & responding to mental health issues in students.

  2. Kinder Therapy:  a unique approach in which teachers/staff are taught play therapy skills and Adlerian Psychology principles, which helps with gaining insight into students psychology, empowering problem solving & self-regulation, and more effective classroom management

  3. Program & Mental Health Consultation:  regarding developing, implementing, evaluating, or improving Parent Training Programs.

Expertise Involves:
  • Assessing patterns and behavior

  • Looking at things systematically

  • Developing effective & creative solutions

  • Encouraging & fostering belief in self & abilities

  • Parent Training

  • Educator Training


Kinder Therapy is an approach in which teachers and staff are taught to become the therapeutic change agent for children—a train the trainer approach. The relationship is viewed as the catalyst for change. It is a process that is based on the model of Filial Therapy and the theoretical constructs of Adlerian Psychology. Similar to Parent-Child Relational Therapy, Andrea will teach educators and staff specialized skills, supervise them in play sessions, and assist in integrating the skills into the classroom/educational setting.

Educators Will Learn:
  • To relate to students in ways that will help children release constructive, creative, empowering problem solving.

  • To set effective limits helping with classroom management and the student with greater self-regulation.

  • Insight into the student’s individual psychology, i.e., patterns of behavior, goals of misbehavior.

teaher & young students 2.jpg
Concerned teacher 2.jpg
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Students & Teachers Have Reported:
concerned teacher.jpg
  • An increase in a positive relationship

  • Improvements in child psycho-social development

  • Student adjustment, and classroom satisfaction

This type of consultation can be offered via a few in-services for teachers and staff in which specialized skills are taught and practiced. Consultation can be extended to a specific student-teacher relationship, in which the teacher and student have sessions with the consultant present, or watched via the off cite internet monitoring services if available. The consultant can then later provide direct feedback to the teacher.

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