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"Answers in Bloom:  Step into Parenting"

Parents want tools and answers. When talking about their children, parents often say such things as:

"I wish I knew what he was thinking."
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"Why does she do the things she does?"
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"I want to know how to talk to her!"

This class is designed for parents and caregivers who want to know more about how to enhance their relationship with their kids. Parent education materials are taken from Active Parenting, Positive Discipline, and Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP). The goal of this class is to learn Adlerian parenting techniques that will create change in your child's behavior so that you can enjoy time with your children more.

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If you want to know how others handle the hard times, have questions you’ve been too afraid to ask, or just want some help, this class is for you.

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General Class
  • Understanding yourself and your child

  • Understanding beliefs and feelings

  • Encouraging your child and yourself

  • Encouraging cooperation and problem solving

  • Listening and talking to your child

  • Communicating and receiving respect

  • Using consequences to build responsibility

  • Discipline that makes sense

If you would like to have classes at your facility, please contact Andrea

Advanced Class
for Parents of Young Children
  • Understanding young children & their behavior

  • Young children’s emotional and social development 

  • Learn what toys tells us about kids

  • Enter the world of toys & make believe--"Learn to speak kid"

  • Understanding the meaning of play and play themes

  • Building self-esteem in the early years

  • Helping young children learn to cooperate, use self-control, and be self-reliant 

  • Discipline for young children

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