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Parent-Child Relational Therapy is a unique approach used by professionals, in which parents are taught to use play therapy skills with their children.


Andrea's style in using this approach is to go beyond teaching the traditional methods in Filial Therapy and Parent Child Interactional Therapy by adding her Adlerian spin to it. Using this form of family therapy goes beyond Nanny 911 or Super Nanny.


Parents will learn and understand techniques used and the reason why they work. Parents will gain insight to understanding the goals of their child’s behavior. Parents will learn how to set effective limits with discouraged behaviors. Parents will learn how applying the skills learned in session will increase trust, security, and closeness, as well as increase the level of playfulness and enjoyment within the relationship.


Parents are the most significant adults in their child’s life, and when parents are incorporated in the therapy process, results are likely to be more positive, profound, and longer-lasting.

Effectiveness With*:
  • anxiety

  • depression

  • reactions to traumatic events

  • timidity

  • difficulty getting along with siblings/peers

  • aggressive acting-out

  • attention deficit problems

  • oppositional behaviors

  • school refusal

  • enuresis/encopresis

  • obsessive-compulsive behaviors

  • reactions to abuse

  • attachment difficulties

*Also useful as a preventative approach for parents who simply want to be better parents.

Improvement In:
  • Child psycho-social development

  • Parent-child relationship

  • Parental acceptance

  • Child adjustment

  • Parental stress

  • Family satisfaction

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