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I Help Kids:


  • Gain control of themselves & their actions

  • Know what to do with their true feelings

  • Feel competent, capable, & have courage

  • Believe they are safe & secure

I Help Parents:


  • Understand their kids--to really "get" them

  • Talk to & react to their kids in a way that makes their kids want to listen more

  • Feel confident and respected

  • Know they're doing the right thing

I Help Families:


  • Learn to encourage, support, & believe in each other

  • Know how to work through & solve problems together

  • Feel connected and close

  • Have fun and laugh together

I Help Supervisees:


  • (this section to be updated soon)


  •  Individual counseling for children, teens, and parents

  •  Play therapy for children 2.5 years old and older.

  •  Family therapy & Parent-Child Relational Therapy.

  •  Parenting Classes

  •  Clinical Supervision for mental health professionals

  •  Educational Consultation regarding training teachers and staff.

  • Program & Mental Health Consultation regarding improving or implementing parent training programs.


  • oppositional defiant behavior

  • anger management issues

  • attention difficulties

  • dysregulation

  • social skills

  • anxiety

  • obsessive compulsive

  • self-esteem

  • grief/bereavement

  • sexual/physical/emotional abuse (survivor treatment for children, teens, adults)

  • post-traumatic stress disorder

  • sexual behavior problems (treatment for children 12 & younger)

  • adjustment difficulties with divorce & changes to the family system

  • effective co-parenting for partners who are together or no longer together


I Help Consultees:


  • Feel competent in understanding human behavior & motivation

  • See themselves as effective change agents

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